The best journals are frequently overburdened with article submissions leading to out-of-hand rejection of manuscripts for researchers. No wonder then that being accepted for peer review requires presentation in error-free language and a polished style.

The goal of global visibility and an inherent career need necessitate that researchers bring the quality of their scientific writing up to international publishable standards. For this reason, they need professional academic and scientific editing support to improve the clarity and effectiveness of their written material designed for peer review or public disclosure.

Today, access to high-quality academic editing and proofreading services is easy and cost-effective. One such premier service provider is Editage. For over seven years, Editage has been offering world-class professional English editing services for the global academia and has edited more than 60,000 papers for 13,500 editors worldwide (three-fourths of which were journal articles destined for peer review) since its establishment.

In the last year, it has also expanded its offering to include start-to-finish language support for journal submissions, conference papers, dissertations, and grant proposals through a wide range of writing, and publication support services.

Editage has one of the largest multi-national scientific editing team with over 250 editors. 23 of these editors are certified by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences—the only globally recognized editor-certification agency. These editors specialize in numerous subject areas in medical and life sciences, engineering and physical sciences and arts, business and social sciences. Whatever the subject area of your manuscript, you can be assured that a specialist in that area will edit and polish your paper.

Client satisfaction is Editage’s highest priority. Hence, Editage offers multiple levels of academic editing services to suit every client’s requirement. You can choose from proofreading, standard manuscript editing or premium manuscript editing depending on your requirement. Each service edits your paper to a different degree of detail. Multiple round editing is a value-add service that Editage also offers.

In order to ensure that Editage’s customer experience is as smooth as possible, Editage uses a 24/7 online workflow management system. Each user has access to this system to be able to track the status of the editing job. Our client servicing team also facilitates personalized communication with the editor for explanations and clarifications on the editing job.

At Editage we charge you on a per-word basis. We do not have a minimum charge or a flat fee for editing. Pricing differs on the basis of word count of your document, the level of editing you select (Proofread, Standard or Premium) as well as the turn around time or delivery date you request. For an exact price quote for your document, you can use the free online calculator for an immediate estimate or the Submit Now link and our Client Servicing team will revert to you within one hour during business hours.

Editage’s editing processes and confidentiality is of assured quality with an ISO 9001:2000 certification. Excellent quality, fast delivery, easy to use services and affordable prices are the benefits that Editage offers to authors. If you are looking for English academic editing, scientific editing or proofread services, then go to http://www.editage.com and contact us for a great user experience!