Enhanced Digital Printing LLP (EDP) uses state of the art HP indigo presses to produce high quality digitally printed products. We offer full prepress capabilities through complete finishing. We can generally turn around your projects within 24 hours and ship them to anywhere you need when you need them.

Our digital printing capabilities offer a high-resolution, offset quality and the exact color matches that you have become accustomed to.

Our variable data ability allows you to personalize your presentations, brochures and any other promotional materials in order to customize each piece. By using variable text and images tailored to each recipient, you can maximize your response rate dramatically.

Because of our ability to print on demand we can save you from having to print high quantity runs of literature that require additional space to store and many times become outdated before all of the material can actually be used. Would it not be better to order the amount of materials you are going to need for the month or the quarter and have the ability to make any necessary changes periodically so that there is no wasted product? We reduce or eliminate the need for storage and second handling of promotional materials. Order — print — ship as often as you want.

Visit our website at www.edpsolution.com