The education systems around the globe have been built with a top-down approach.  Today, the power of school choices parents wield is a potent influence reshaping education.  To stay competitive, public and private schools are seeking a diverse set of remedies to attract parents and their students. The sticky point is most administrators and educators are busy doing their daily work, leaving little time to drill down in the issues of education reform. I am the short cut districts and campuses access to quickly identify core issues and uncover quality resolutions.

I have a diverse background in education and business including training teachers in technology and evaluating education technology methods.  My education work includes successful high school science teaching( NCLB Qualified), dynamic  student club sponsor at multiple schools, c committee member  to redesign curriculum,  PLC organizer and facilitator, and teacher trainer for web based NSF projects. My business work for over 20 years in technology and finance also included being a technology Project Manager for Fortune 100 companies and producing comprehensive documentation in work flow, system processes, and detailed procedures.