School Management Software for All Indian Schools – Small or Big, In Village or In Metro

Enlume Inc, a US based flagship software product company has launched EdSaaS – a web-based school management software for Indian schools. Mr. Venkat Ramthirdh, company Director based in Hyderabad, confidently said, “EdSaaS will improve, day-to-day school operations and management thus helping schools focus on results and expansion”. EdSaaS has been conceptualized and created after detailed research and study over 2 years on school management needs. It provides school administrators and owners with all the important information at both macro and micro levels to enable quick decisions and better functional administration.

Every school irrespective of location (in a village or in a metro), board (state board, central or international schools), size (100 students or 10,000 students) or number of campuses (single branch or multiple branches) can use EdSaaS to be more efficient and effective.

EdSaaS is web-based school management software for schools that want to leave the old people-dependent and slow offline system to adopt new ways to manage schools. By adopting software based school management administrators and teachers will be able to better focus on the productive areas of schools.

EdSaaS has been released with the following technologically and functionally advanced modules to empower schools to radically improve their management using automation.

Basic Module – Effective and Error free School Admissions, Students, Fees, Tests, Staff and Exam management for single or multiple school branches

Transportation Module – Quick and Hassle Free Management of fleets of vehicles, create and manage routes and fees management

Hostel Management – Conveniently manage hostels, room allocation, and fee management

Parents Login – Help and involve parents in their child’s progress, exam performance, attendance and other extracurricular activities. EdSaaS creates a quick, strong bridge between school and parents.

Message Broadcasting – Broadcast general messages regarding schedule changes, unplanned events, fee reminders etc. through EdSaaS

During its launch period, EdSaaS offers very competitive and reasonable options to schools to help them adopt EdSaaS in their day-to-day school management.

Any school interested in knowing how EdSaaS makes school management’s job easy and error free, can contact EdSaaS for a Free trial at sales@edsaas.com with subject line “EdSaaS Trial”. Please make sure to include your school information to set up a free live trial of EdSaaS for your school.

About EdSaaS

EdSaaS is a School Management Software Division of Enlume Inc., a US based Software Product Company.
EdSaaS as one of the leading providers of next-gen web-based school management software helps administrators, principal, teachers, parents and students. EdSaaS’s unmatched ease and service include complete installation of the software (and conversion of data) as part of one low license fee, along with a client interface that provides easy access to the most important integrated features and customizable reports and dashboard. Developed by School Management experts, EdSaaS is leading the migration of schools from manual and stand-alone management software to web-based systems, bringing administration, parents, students and the class teachers together with anytime, anywhere access to a full array of services. EdSaaS’ features include Prospectus Sales, Admissions, Enrollment, Fees, Billing and Exam, Hostel &Transport Management, Attendance, Report Cards, Extensive Reporting Capabilities, Automated Messaging and Parents Login. For more information about EdSaaS, visit http://www.edsaas.com/