Educogym Canary Wharf's expertise lies in offering only the most effective coaching to get the capital’s busiest people in shape, fast. Our programmes deliver more in just 15 minutes than others do in an hour. You’ll be in and out of here quickly, but the results will last.

We believe in…  wellness education and coaching which fosters positive change and good habits for life

We don’t believe that… effective personal training sessions need to take longer than 15 minutes (latest research shows that less is more)

We stand for… tailored, science-based nutrition advice which gets results

We will never… ask you to try any exercise which takes you away from your goals

We promise to… get results. All you have to do is put the work in.

Imagine leaving our members' gym:
-with your metabolism firing on all cylinders after a 15-minute body transformation workout
-armed with simple, effective nutrition advice from our experts
-strengthened by our support and guidance to keep you focused until next time
Our 10 promises to you
1) Scheduled appointments: we make it easy for you to create a training schedule you can stick to, with early mornings, late evenings and last-minute bookings
2) Certified trainers: our personal trainers are highly qualified and very experienced, with university-standard qualifications and world-class ongoing training under our belts
3) Specialist equipment: the only equipment you’ll find in our personal training gym is a specialist kit called The Time Machine which gets fast results from intense training (no time wasted on queuing, waiting or changing weights)
4) One-on-one consultations: we will use photographs, measurements, body fat and a series of wellness markers to gather the data which will track your transformation
5) Goal setting: your first step towards success will be tapping into our experience to identify your clear mental blueprint for action and we’ll continue with ongoing coaching until you reach your goal
6) Personalised exercise: our individualised 15 minute personal training sessions will focus in on areas you want to improve
7) Supervised training: every rep of every set will be coached by your trainer (we’re serious about form, tempo, intensity and concentration)
8) Individualised nutrition: we’ll design a bespoke healthy eating plan which fits your lifestyle, backed up with personal guidance to keep you on track. No fad diets, only natural nutrition.
9) Regular updates: you can expect an official review of your results and any necessary adjustments to your programme every 4-12 weeks
10) A group dynamic: research shows that training with focused individuals around you generates an atmosphere which keeps you motivated to keep closing in on your goals