EDUGATES® International is the product of many years of devotion and diligence of dedicated educational experts who have long and successful track records in establishing and leading International Educational Institutions that are renowned for educational excellence.

EDUGATES® International are providers of well researched, highly structured educational systems that are designed to cater for the child’s optimum development.

The Founders of EDUGATES® International earnestly adopt the mission of raising generations who possess the knowledge, skills, values and awareness that ensure their well-being and success.

Through excellent education, made attainable by means of EDUGATES® International’s system, students become well-rounded world citizens with qualities that enable them achieve their full potential, face the challenges of the future, make significant contributions to their chosen fields, and enjoy their lives.

The EDUGATES® International teams have the objective of creating successful educational institutions that provide the world with enlightened educated citizens who nurture virtue and create prosperity.

EDUGATES® International provides world class support to schools, their boards and to educational authorities.  EDUGATES® International provides the following educational and business services:
•     New Educational Institution Start up
•     Full Operation and Management of schools
•     Staff Appraisal, Training and Development
•     System Auditing and Restructuring
•     Curriculum Development

EDUGATES® International are specialists at advising and working closely with auditing firms in order to produce reliable Educational Institution Feasibility Studies that encompass both the financial side and the educational side of a school.

School Architecture is an essential factor that strongly influences the effectiveness of the operation of any school. A well planned Educational Institution building caters for the safety, security and comfort of students, visitors and staff and enhances efficiency.  EDUGATES® International have specialist know-how regarding Educational Institution architecture.

EDUGATES® International Develops all the necessary Organisation Charts, Job Descriptions and Procedures that ensure the successful operation of its schools.
EDUGATES® International also recruits and Trains Directors, administrators, teachers and other staff, Builds Efficient Teams and creates the right Educational Institution spirit.

EDUGATES® International, Operates educational institutions along cost effective lines ensuring financial success without compromising standards.

EDUGATES® International was founded in the year 2001 and its team members have lead and estblished educational institutions in the UK, Lebanon, Jordan, New Zealand, UAE and Oman.  The team members have excellent reputations as caring and successful educators and their Educational Institutions attracted elite families worldwide.