About Edulabs Global Learning Solutions:

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Edulabs Global Learning Solutions Co., Ltd. is a content, applications and program developer of 21st Century digital e-Learning modules and applications (web-based online and offline educational tools for teaching, learning, instruction, training, re-training, certification, re-certification, production and tutoring); with a specific focus on “Just-IN”-Time” e-Learning delivered through mobile learning devices.

The company’s product/service offerings have been developed by leading experts, and combines the world’s most innovative and comprehensive 21st Century learning system in one turnkey package that includes; Single Sign-On “Cloud-Based” safe and secure access to thousands of e-learning modules and other high-quality digital contents, safe, high-quality affordable mobile learning tablet and Smartphone devices, Mobile Device Management, Content and Applications Management and User Management platforms, complete with proprietary certified “Core” K-12 content from global K-12 educational content leaders.