EDvite is an online tool that connects learners to inspiring, offline learning experiences in their community. Ranging from museum exhibits to community gardens, and from mentor programs to coding academies, our system makes it easy for learners, teachers and parents to find hundreds of educational opportunities in every city.

Our Mission There are many organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals who want to be connected to classrooms but don’t have a way of communicating directly with teachers. There are just as many teachers and parents who want to provide inspiring, real-world learning experiences for students, but don’t have the time to reach out to different organizations.  EDvite makes it easy for these groups to connect! - See more at: http://www.edvite.org/go/about/#sthash.EMBBiKvV.dpuf

Our Commitment
We believe that by sharing what other communities are doing in an open space we can dramatically expand opportunities for all learners.  Shouldn’t every city have a Lego League?  Or what about a community Tool Cooperative where citizens join in fellowship while learning how to fix a broken blender?  And shouldn’t every kid have a chance to Design and Build their Own Bike?  These are all amazing experiences that can inspire not only learners, but also community leaders and organizations to create similar experiences in their city.

Our Vision
EDvite asks a simple question: What if we could reduce the barriers to connecting learners to the endless resources in the community?  We believe making it easier to connect with experts and organizations, and making it easier for them to connect with classrooms, will dramatically change how, when, what and where we learn.  We believe a physicist might offer a discussion at the local library.   We believe that a children’s author passing through town might decide to visit a local classroom.  And we believe an architecture firm will invite a class to visit a current project.