Our Vision
“Contributing to reduce Australia’s operational footprint, affordably.”

As society finally starts acting to counter-act climate change, the Efficiency Matrix will step up to the occasion to ensure the right products are available to make this ever so crucial change a reality.

Our Mission
“Money makes the world go around, we plan to make it go around for much less.”

Criteria of our products that we brand:
* Products must have a return on investment of around 1 year.
* The production of our products, are produced as sustainably possible.
* Products must not complicate people’s lives.  Our lives are already complicated enough.

What we do
Efficiency Matrix is made up of four phases which creates value to our brandname:

   * We think of it. (identify the inefficiency)
   * We get the product.
   * If it works, we roll it into our product line.
   * We distribute products as cheap as possible.