eFOLDi provides perfect solutions to quite a few problems at the same time:
       Being powered by clean energy, it reduces air pollution caused by petrol or diesel cars, and hence helps maintain, or even improve our living environment when more and more people switch to it.
      On urban development level, it solves the problem of traffic congestions as well as shortage of parking spaces, especially in busy and built up areas.
      For individuals, it provides desired convenience and efficiency of mobility. It helps reduce cost of driving and parking, and more importantly, reduce associated stress!
      Last, but definitely not least, eFOLDi solves a social problem of home-confined elderly by providing a mobility aid to help them enjoy outdoor fresh air and people company. - Current mobility scooters on the market are too heavy and chunky, or need to be disassembled to be taken into cars or public transport.

The beauty of eFOLDi is its simplicity enabled by easy folding. It provides desired mobility to help people reach the extra miles when normal vehicles are not available. To travel less than 20 km, no need to drive a car at all. For longer journeys, it can be folded neatly like a suitcase to be packed in car boot or taken on bus/train/plane.
For people who work in built-up areas, where traffic jam and pollution are major problems. They can leave cars at home or park them just outside city centres and ride eFOLDi to get into downtown. No need to worry about parking! Easily fold it into the suitcase mode and take it into office.  If needed, it can be recharged right by your desk.  
For elderly or slightly disabled people, who can't walk freely for a long time due to arthritis or back pain. eFOLDi enables them enjoy outdoor activities and holiday with their family or friends. It can be easily packed in car boot or taken onto public transport, which can’t be matched by any mobility scooters currently on the market.
There are other applications can be developed from current design, for example, golf cart, lawnmower, etc.

The novel folding mechanisms maximise the mobility, accessibility and convenience of its user, without compromising the comfort and experience of the ride. There isn’t any similar product on the market that folds so quickly and neatly, carries so lightly and easily, whilst, rides so steadily and comfortably. eFOLDi changes the concept of electric vehicle and will change the way people travel. Another added innovated feature to this new invention is the chair mode. It is very useful when on a train/bus or in a busy cafe where has no seat available.

The innovative design is complimented by the following –
      ☺  Easy to handle: folding / unfolding in 4 seconds;
      ☺  Light in weight: prototype is 17 kg ;
     ☺  Neat and small when folded: L45 x W22 x H68cm;
     ☺  Convenient for travel: free to take onto airplane as carry luggage;
      ☺  Adjustable speed: 0 – 25km/hour (can be fix to any speed for legislation purpose);
      ☺  Big wheels for stability : Front 12 inches and rear 10 inches;  
      ☺  Supreme battery performance: 2.8kg, range 35km per charge.