eFoodiac offers a platform for restaurants, fast food places, coffee shops and all food related venue the option to pay nothing or less for the service they are now paying from $100/mo to 30% commission plus fees.

eFoodiac does not charge commission or per order fee.

eFoodiac offers all the feature one would expect from an online ordering service for free for the do it yourselfer or for as little as $295/year or $30/mo to manage the process, edit offerings, add pictures. eFoodiac even includes a free one page sales and search engine optimized website will all the content users need to make fast decisions.

eFoodiac does not follow the crowd and bundle everything in one package. eFoodiac's unbundled services will prove more effective, less costly, and more customer sensitive than bundled service. Pay only for what you need when you need it.

eFoodiac services include several marketing plans, such as customer conversion from high cost online ordering to eFoodiac, email marketing you don't pay for unless it works for you, and a new optional revenue source where business places can make up to 50% of the revenue generated. No advertising ever on the website or the search engine.

Food places never have to wait for their money. www.efoodiac.com