Maurizio Amoroso, founder of the company, is a programmer with the so-called “Peter Pan Syndrome” who has always been passionate about role-playing games and history.
For years he dreamed of creating a video game that combined his passions, but due to a lack of time the project had remained an unrealized dream. After losing his job as a result of the economic crisis that had affected Italy, as well as many other countries, Maurizio decided that he would not be a victim and that it was finally time bring his dream to fruition.
So he began to plan “Prosperity:” a role-playing game faithful to its Medieval setting, with original and innovative dynamics not found in other games of its time. However he could not do it alone and his enthusiasm quickly spread to others, who would become co-founders of Entertainment Game Apps and were ready to believe in his project. EGA, as the name itself implies, develops video games for various platforms. It is a small company, recently founded, with great ambition and many new projects in development, for example, new episodes of “Prosperity.”