World-renowned health columnist, primary care nurse practitioner and diplomat of anti-aging medicine Pamela Egan is the founder and owner of the Egan Primary Care Health Clinic, the Egan Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic and the Egan Skin Care Spa, all of which are conveniently located at 1116 W. 21st Avenue in Covington, Louisiana.

Nurse Practitioner Egan has more than 32 years of clinical experience as a registered nurse and board-certified adult and family (primary care) nurse practitioner.  She has operated the primary care clinic on 21st Avenue in Covington for the past decade, with the Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic joining forces several years ago.  The Egan Skin Care Spa is the most recent member of the Pamela Egan family of healthcare companies, joining up with NP Egan's Primary Care and Wellness Clinics in 2009.

Mrs. Egan has completed a fellowship in Anti-Aging and functional medicine through A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine), and is a certified Diabetes Educator by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE).  NP Egan's Diabetes Education services are based around her extensive diabetes self-management training program.

Over the past 15 years, NP Egan has established herself among the elite ranks of medical experts in the fields of diabetes, clinical nutrition, anti-aging and preventive medicine.  Her health columns have appeared in countless print-media publications including everything from small hometown newspapers and magazines to prestigious trade journals and consumer magazines with global circulations and distributions in the tens of millions.

She was the first person in the media to ever distinguish between the two different forms of vitamin D (D2-ergocalciferol and D3-cholecalciferol).  While it took several years for the next brave health columnist to follow-suit (which by then Pam had published four follow-up articles), the world eventually did catch-on.  When the rest of the media along with the health, medical and scientific communities did get around to investigating the vitamin D eureka moment (when it was discovered that D3 is actually a vastly superior form of the nutrient to D2), the result was unmistakable.

Had Twitter been in existence at the time, vitamin D3 would have quickly become a trending topic and might have remained that way for weeks or even months.  The sheer volume of demand from consumers searching for information about the topic skyrocketed in a very short amount of time from when vitamin D3 was still a relatively obscure term, and the proverbial jury still out regarding its medical significance.

Pam's website started seeing more traffic than she knew what to do with, and has remained that way ever since --- with the amount of traffic her website receives actually increasing by a modest amount in the time since.  The rest is history.  The millions upon millions of nutritionally-conscious fans immediately relegated her to celebrity status, which she has enjoyed ever since.

Her health clinics and skin care spa are always booked to capacity.  She received more requests for interviews than she is able to conduct and still be diligent with each of them.

Nationally and even globally-distributed magazines and journals line up around the block for an opportunity to secure the rights to one of her guest columns, with some always leaving disappointed due to the sheer lack of time in a 24-hour day.

However, having said all that, the people most important to Covington Nurse Practitioner Pamela Egan are still the patients who drive to her clinic location each and every weekday for a routine checkup, a diagnosis when they aren't feeling well, or a little pampering when such is in order.

Pam's patients swear by her.  Seemingly all of them do, regardless of which of her clinics/spas they proudly call themselves patrons.  Pam's anti-aging clientele are the first to boast about how they looked decades older before going to see her.  This is not particularly difficult to believe as Pam herself looks well over a decade younger than her actual age.

Her primary care patients seem to unanimously agree that she is the best in town --- even including the plethora of MD's in St. Tammany Parish.  Her preventive medicine patients keep coming back to her in good health, many having forgotten altogether what it feels like to get sick with a fever, the flu or an upset stomach.  Her women's wellness patients stand by Pam's bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products, with many attributing the bioidentical HRT for giving them their lives back.

Finally, last but not least, the skin care spa clients always leave happier than when they arrived, which puts them in a class similar to her website visitors, who return each week or month to her site in hopes of finding a new article or two with the predictable loyalty of a yellow Labrador returning from fetching a stick.  Yes, the patients all love Pam Egan.