Egg-Free Epicurean is a specialty food brand serving people with food allergies to eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts, and of course to people with no allergies at all.  Our mission is to give food allergic children safe treats so delicious that rather than feeling deprived they feel lucky.

Our initial products are baked goods, which we produce by hand in our dedicated facility.  We have found that baked goods nearly always contain or have exposure to eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts, and long ago stopped buying fresh baked goods.  Our founder, Amy Jones Anichini, started baking egg-free desserts for her food allergic daughter so she would have something to eat at birthday parties.  Not satisfied with merely giving her daughter "something" to eat while everyone else was enjoying their cake, Amy strove to give her daughter  treats so irresistible that the other children and their  parents would envy her, wanting what she was eating for themselves.