Eco Green Jeans EGJeans has launched their Kickstarter campaign. EGJeans will manufacture a line of clothing and accessories made from 100% high quality recycled denim. That, however, is only the beginning of the story.

One of our main goals is to leave as small a footprint environmentally as possible in producing our line of clothing. Not only will we use recycled material in our products but we also are looking to partner with a solar company to power our plant in Haiti and distribution center in the USA.

Being egalitarian in principle, our Haitian facility will provide jobs for the Haitians at a living wage. In addition, we will also roll our net profits back into Haiti for construction of a school and medical facility. As the saying goes, charity begins at home. We will also be providing our distribution center workers right here in the USA with a living wage. We feel that one of our most neglected human resources is our senior community. Those seniors that seek employment will be given every consideration for positions with us. As we have seen firsthand, many of our senior community struggle for their most basic needs. To help relieve some of their struggles, we will also be rolling a portion of our net profits into a point of need program for our seniors.

If you want to join us financially in this exciting project or you own a solar company go to egjeans.com and click on the Kickstarter icon.