EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is a cloud-based software company with an innovative multimedia distribution technology and platform, Cloud to Cable TV. Cloud to Cable is a patented technology that merges the worlds of Cloud and Cable TV. Cloud to Cable is branded under "Mevia" as the platform provides a middleware application for mobile, web, Smart TVs, enabling total integration with cable, satellite, and telecommunications operators replacing the need for a satellite feeds in a one-stop-shop.

Music and Video streaming services can monetize content thru our platform as well as operators can offer a-la-carte services to subscribers.

Our streaming products have been in production systems all over the world in cable operators in the US, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and other countries.  

Bring your Music, TV & Video content to a different level, and more importantly address millions of subscribers in Cable TV operators worldwide

Cloud to Cable TV effectivley opens markets for content monetization with traditional Cable TV systems covering 900M subscribers around the planet..

Cloud to Cable TV enables quick and easy broadcasting of media content to massive systems found on Cable and Satellite Systems and all mobile and web platforms.

Cloud to Cable is the true multi-platform experience to broadcast Music & TV channels to all platforms from mobile, to web, to IPTV, and to Cable and Satellite systems all in one stop shop.

“The true multimevia experience”

EGLA also runs a tech incubator called EGLAVATOR and has partnership with wireless and mobile communications companies, as well as healthcare, EE Design, and Consulting.

www.eglacomm.net | cloudtocable.com | eglavator.com | www.mediamplify.com