We are a circle of friends with an abiding attachment to our river city hometown of South
Bend, Indiana. We have joined forces to follow C.R. Heckaman’s vision and create an
original concert event for our community. The result is Everybody Has A Story, a concert
celebration to inspire pride and unity in all who attend. Our ambition is a musical-variety
show that will entertain, inform and delight. We want each audience member to
leave feeling that even in a small way they were part of something bigger.

The EHAS organization envisions a wide range of homegrown talent sharing their stories
– musicians, choirs, poets, dancers, presenters with a passion for the arts and an affinity
for Michiana. The concert will celebrate past successes and future dreams to remind us
that each one of us is important. Every one of us has a story worth telling.

The other half of our vision is to offer financial support to a non-profit group that
serves the community. The 2014 concert will benefit Project H.E.A.L. of Indiana,
an organization that pairs less-than-adoptable shelter dogs with at-risk young people
identified by the county Juvenile Justice and the Crossing Educational Center. “Heart
– Education –Achievement – Leadership” are the values these kids discover as they train
their partnered dogs to be ready for forever homes, and in the process learn
empathy, patience and practical skills for themselves. Our goal is to associate each future
EHAS concert with a South Bend charity as worthy as this one.