ehealth Access Pvt Ltd, an innovative health care company, is focused on developing a New health care Eco system through Advanced Telemedicine Technology. ehealth Access Pvt Ltd believes that every individual should have an easy access to health care and wants to create a seamless bridge between patient and healthcare practitioner. The focus of ehealth Access is to make primary healthcare easy, quickly accessible and cost effective with the support of multi-specialty group of doctors on board.  ehealth has the knowledge, expertise and support of highly qualified, compassionate and reputed panel of doctors for offering this service. The company through its website, www.ehealthaccess.com, provides healthcare services over internet and through phone. One can get opinions from top specialists in various Medical specialties like Gynecology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Psychology and all others, 24/7. With the kind of busy lives people live now, this 24 hour medical consultation over the phone provides instant access to the doctors where one can get expert advice on any health-related issue. All that is required is just picking up the phone and dialing a doctor. Their vision is to provide fast and affordable healthcare for patients through a large network of physicians across the globe.