EhoZen Leadership training programs are unique, customized experiences designed to meet specific goals and needs of the participants.  Using the connection between man and horse, we design each program exclusively so that time away from the office maximizes impactful learning, thus providing a greater return for an organizations training investment.

The name EhoZen derives from the rune stones of Ehwaz for Horse, and Kenaz for Enlightenment.

In Old English, Ehwas becomes Eho or Eo, while Kenaz becomes Cen or Zen.  Cen has the meaning of opening up, to become aware, sharpening your empathy and senses.

Translated into modern English EhoZen = Horse-Enlightenment.

EhoZen, then, describes perfectly the nature of our program: it is not we who train the horse, rather it is the horse that teaches us.  By allowing ones self to open up both emotionally and psychologically to allow the horse to be your teacher, they will be surprised how much the horse's response reveals about themselves and their leadership skills.  This experience will be both enlightening and rewarding - not only for the participants role as a leader, but for all aspects of life.

Leading a horse takes much more than bravery or power.  To pull or push an unwilling 1,100 pound creature in a direction leaves no doubt as to who is going to win that power struggle.  The good news: you can learn to make the creature willing and you don't have to be a skilled rider or educated in horsemanship. In fact, when participants take the course, they learn that it's not about demanding, coercing, struggling or directing - it's about presence and gentle but firm leadership.  

Working with the participants natural approach, the training program is designed to highlight their own natural strengths and will therefore show a detailed picture of their current skills, as well as give them a clear vision for improvements and work necessary to achieve future goals.  

Being with horses sharpens and trains the senses, self awareness, and empathy as well as both courageous action and caution.  After all, horses are wonderful teachers for common sense!

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