ei•ei•eat is putting the bite on the food industry with a new social-mobile application for the growing number of us turning away from imported foods in favour of those produced closer to home. They're determined to make it easy for buyers to find and verify local food from farmers, markets, restaurants, micro-producers and retailers, making ei•ei•eat a valuable marketing platform for these businesses to reach that growing crowd of buyers hungry for local food.

No more jumping from app to app - it's all on ei•ei•eat.Think of them as the "Google" of local food with - for the first time ever - a "food map" and fundamental intelligence about food supply and demand. Serious stuff to be sure, and vital to farmers, communities and researchers who want to improve our local food supply and better understand the issues related to food security and sustainability.

ei•ei•eat launches its web app in the spring of 2015 followed quickly by its mobile version for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.