At eighty6 marketing, our focus is to build a network of corporate and retail clients through face-to-face marketing. We realize the power behind brand marketing and client acquisition, and this drives us to break traditional methods and be intuitive and insightful in our marketing strategy. This of course, reflects on customer awareness and brand recognition, thereby facilitating the process of client acquisition. Customer acquisition and sales is achieved through the diligent work of a highly trained team, working side by side to produce the desired sales. Competitive intelligence and social responsibility are key traits of our team members. This ensures compliance with the program rules and regulations and ensuring that goals are met and effectively delivered.

As a local company, we recognize our advantage of having a great connection with the consumer. The resources we have are vast and we appreciate the trust our clients have in us, that is why we are always striving to come up with solutions. We appreciate the importance of face to face marketing and the significant impact it has on overall Company growth. Our friendly, yet professional strategy allows us to exceed our expectations and that is why our approach is constantly producing results.

What makes us distinguished is our ability to help consumers spend, save, make a better choice and ultimately, get the entertainment they are looking for. Our retail sales have reached remarkable extents and better yet, our consumers are always happy with the results.