Ervamatin hair loss treatments for men and women are distributed by Einstein Products because it is the only hair loss treatment that owner Miro used that worked. People that suffer from hair loss may benefit from the story about Miro and the 1000s of (dollars) pounds he wasted on trying products that didn't work before discovering one that did.

Einstein Products is one of the few businesses that can truly say it was started to right a wrong in the world. Owner Miro, who suffered from hair loss, ran through 1000s of pounds to try and grow hair back only to discover that his money was wasted on products designed for no other purpose than to take advantage of those in need. He was at the point of selling his car to finance hair transplant surgery when a friend made him to promise to try Ervamatin. Until then, this product was not known much beyond the South American countries it originated in, but there it was the most popular hair loss treatment of all.

Miro's hair grew and his gratitude and disgust at the hair loss treatments for men and women sold by other businesses prompted him to take positive action. With a glad heart he formed Einstein Products as an authorized distributor of Ervamatin. Miro doesn't have to rely on clinical studies to tell you the product works; he only has to let you see his own hair.

People who suffer hair loss for any reason, from genetics to alopecia have said of Ervamatin that the results are fast and noticeable and have created a tremendous difference in their life and sense of well-being. Dr. Gerhard Rene Knetch used it with 800 of his hair loss patients and found it affective in 91% of the cases. Indian TV spokes model, Supriya Brar, credits Ervamatin with savings her career by restoring her hair after she began to experience hair loss and Trish B, a celebrity stylist sums it up by saying compared to other products for hair loss, she uses it because it works.

About Einstein Products

Einstein Products is an official distributor for the Ervamatin hair loss treatments for men and women. The Ervamatin products wasn't selected based upon the popularity of the item, at the time Einstein Products began, few people outside of South America had heard of it. Einstein Products was started to make Ervamatin available to the rest of the world as a result of owner Miro's success using it to treat his own hair loss. There is no better testament to the success of a product that to create an entire business devoted to sharing your experience with it. For more details and information or to buy Ervamatin hair loss treatment for men and women visit http://einsteinproducts.com today. You can also connect with them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Einsteinproducts/191120610976318 or watch YouTube reviews and testimonials http://www.youtube.com/user/Einsteinproducts/videos.


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