Say hello to our fully Electric van which we call Eive.
For over 40 years the iconic French Van was the commercial backbone of France. From the big city to rural France, from the French Post office to the village Bakery this beloved iconic French van was transporting local products to every corner of the country.

Following the success of our 2cEv Electric 2cv Saloon we have now put our expertise into bringing this iconic classic van straight into the 21st-century.

Please do not be mistaken Eive is NOT an old 2cv van that has been rebuilt. Evie is made from new components assembled by our team here in Wiltshire UK. Eive Will only be produced in very small numbers.

If you would like more info or arrange a test drive please get in contact with us. sales@the2cvshop.co.uk or visit our website www.Eive.co.uk

We have a pre-production Eive available for test drives. Please get in contact to book a test drive.

We also have a Selection of professional photographs and a promotion video, which you are free to use:  https://adobe.ly/3J3rdfs