The Ekapps mission is to work in close partnership with our clients and develop custom software to fit their individual unique needs that will increase their business value through the use of IT technology.
At Ekapps our vision is to add maximum value to each and every one of our clients by helping them towards the goals of increased productivity, higher profitability and reduced costs. We aim at delivering services which will open new possibilities for our customers and allow them to work effectively and creatively.

Our values are: people, customers and quality.
We believe that the most valuable resource we possess is our people. EKapps is not just a gathering of highly skilled individuals, but a team. It is built not only on someone's exceptional skills, but rather on collaboration and teamwork. The most valuable resource that EKapps has is the people. The effective work of EKapps resides on collaboration and teamwork between all its members, each one perfectly doing his own job.
EKapps is dedicated to its clients and partners. We believe that the most important factor of our success is the success of our clients, (and provide them with tools for successful business). EKapps, both in idea and realization, is a client-oriented company. By supplying our clients with top resources and skills, we fulfill our main goal - add value to their businesses. Because we work closely with and for our clients, we are successful only when our clients succeed.
we pay special attention to the quality assurance of the products and services we deliver. We believe that this is the best way to make products work as effectively as possible. Our clients can rely on our products working stably and as designed because we put an emphasis on quality assurance as a key factor in project success. By investing into quality assurance, we invest into our customers' business stability, and thus - value.

Our operating principles are:
Smart Communication
You will not feel any time difference even if you are located on the other side of the globe. Depending on your requirements, complete project and progress information can be available around the clock.
Ingenuity and Professionalism
Although we base our solutions on sophisticated principles and technologies, they are still easy to use and understand. We know how to make complicated things simple and useful.

Engineered Kuzomized Applications