e-KidZ UK is a small start-up with big ideas; you might call us a young up-start.
Our Vision is that “In five years from start-up the e-KidZ brand will be a global phenomenon, known worldwide as the UK Walt Disney”
And our Mission Statement reads “To be commercially successful as a global brand and a provider worldwide of high quality products and services to the children’s leisure and entertainment industry”
Our business concept is based on the e-KidZ characters, a group of attractive animated characters who are the driving-force behind the e-KidZ brand, its products and its services
The story so far saw the e-KidZ characters begin life in their first book “e-KidZ in Cyberspace”, published in the US by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, released March 29 2011.
In this unique exciting adventure story, the e-KidZ are transported into cyberspace by a genie, on a mission to clean up the Internet by deleting the nasties that inhabit the World Wide Web.
Whilst not a social enterprise, in the best spirit of social entrepreneurship our business is underpinned by a principle, that the Internet, and the world at large, should be a safer, more secure place for our children. This aim is backed-up throughout our business strategy and espcially through our education strategy for the e-Kidz to take ourSurfSafe mesage into schools and wherever young people are to be found.
Stemming from the book, we have taken the nine e-KidZ characters and created a trendy commercial brand along with a whole industry for the brand.
For a good view of who we are, please visit our website at http://www.ekidz.co