EKO-ENTERPRISES is a family-owned business, which brought together multilingual professionals from a variety of disciplines. With our joint talents covering administration, engineering, communications, information technology and design, and diverse experience in business administration, energy, trade, graphics production and information systems, the company currently provides services in the agriculture and construction labour markets, as well as products and services in lumber and woodwork production since 2006.


Our specialists provide services in various areas of expertise within three large general domains:

Human Resource Services,
Wood product manufacturing and general construction services, and
Marketing and related visual design services.
Our strongest areas of skill and experience are in construction, agriculture and IT sectors.

Understanding elements of experience is our core competence. Besides the end-user needs, within the business-to-business domain, it is also critical to identify the business and operational drivers. For this, EKO-ENTERPRISES relies on its in-house business and market analysts.

With the combination of our expertise, we transform the requirements into innovative new solutions and designs.