Edge: the green charging power adapter for a smart life.

Thought has been given to every single detail of the power adapter Edge, it is a complete redefinition of the classic power adapter.
At first sight one will notice the unique aesthetics of Edge, it has a minimalistic, elegant and classic Italian design that will adapt to any environment, allowing the power adapter to become a statement piece rather than stashed away.
It’s sleek aesthetics can also be noticed also in its interior, which is designed with the capability to exchange its exterior cover, exclusively made from recycled plastic.
Currently edge can be acquired in two colors, black or blue.
Edge comes with a GaN technology, which uses gallium nitride compared to the classic Silicon, grants the power supply to produce a lesser amount of heat and will obtain a better conductivity and have a lower weight.
It is unique with its innovative capacity to measure and supply the exact quantity of energy required to charge the connected device avoiding unnecessary energetic waste for the environment.
Edge is the power adapter with the green soul, not only does it hinder unnecessary energetic waste, it is made from recycled plastic and is manufactured with durability in mind, its detachable cords are made from textile fiber (increasing the usage of the cords), making edge an universal power adapter, connectable with all types of gadgets from notebooks,
to smartphones, tablets, joypads and portable consoles, Bluetooth speakers and many other devices equipped with power up to 100 W.