AD Music was founded in 1989 by David Wright as a vehicle for his solo music and merged with Robert Fox's FX Music soon afterwards. During the 1990's AD Music established a reputation for producing high quality electronic, ambient and space music with an expanding catalogue and artist roster. The labels philosophy has always been to follow its own path, not current trends; building on rather than emulating the current and historical electronica. The label now covers all forms of electronic music, including melodic chill out, classic electronica, space music and even trance.

Our Musical Artists do not conform to the usual perception of "Electronic music, World, New Age Music, Instrumental or Chillout Music". They don't fit easily into any one 'box'.

Put simply, our musical artists explore electronic music, new age, melodic & rhythmic chill out styles, with the occasional ambient and ethnic influences.

But what you will also find is music that doesn't follow trends or the latest musical styles, but exists in its own right, simply as a unique and personal musical statement. That "uniqueness" is what gives our music its longevity. It's that "secret ingredient", if you like, that has allowed the label to survive the ever changing, fickle music business and to continue to expand both its catalogue, and its fan base.