élan Indique is an online boutique of carefully curated women’s accessories for that look of timeless elegance.

About élan Indique:

At élan Indique.com, we bring to the discerning collector hand-selected fashion accessories reflecting India's grand heritage and craftsmanship, tastefully designed with an eye for modern aesthetics.

The inspiration for élan Indique comes from the Indian culture.  India has infinite layers of complexity given its sheer size, its myriad regions, and traditions. Each Indian region takes pride in its very own crafts, specialties, and techniques, which just cannot be replicated or mass produced because they have been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years!


We take pride in serving as a conduit for the anonymous artisan who creates works of exceptional beauty but doesn’t have access to a wider market. Our online boutique enables a multitude of craftsmen and up-and-coming designers to showcase their talents to a global audience. We encourage these artisans and designers to innovate, which not only preserves their unique culture and traditions, but also enables them to adapt to contemporary tastes through continual feedback and partnership.

Our goal is to also use this platform to improve the lives of women and girls, who are less fortunate than us. By planning to contribute a portion of our profits to organizations like Catapult, a crowd funding site dedicated to empowering women globally, we wish to enrich communities around the world.