Elan Interiors LLC was started some seven years ago by the owner Mr Colin Barnes.  Since its formation the company has now focused its energies in the costings of projects.  

Overheads over the last year have been slashed including the departure of a Director and the staff associated. Now we have a sleek efficient team and are already expanding in areas where according to market trends the requirements are:

1. Fit - Outs   We have an incredibly talented Civil Engineer with over 20 years UAE experience who heads this division. Bringing Quality On Time and On Budget resulting in a very happy client.

2. Joinery    Our Joinery Manager is extremely fastidious in everything that is created, resulting in Zero Re-Works and quality control all through the manufacturing process.

3. Painting  The painting manager learnt his trade in Australia and brings not only an efficient team, be it internal/external finishings but a multitude of decorative painting including murals.

4. Flooring  Once again the flooring side of the business is earning a huge reputation on the market, be it engineered, solid or laminate floorings they all come with warranties and 24hr back up service.

5  Furniture Packages  This service is proving to be incredibly popular, one of our staff is assigned to the project and is at the clients call for as long as the client needs.  If the staff member leaves the company then another person takes the handover and becomes the clients liason.  

6.  Shop Fittings  As well as the Fit Outs of shops restaurants etc our fittings division is extremely busy with creating fittings in Stainless Steel wood glass acrylics etc.  

We are NOT associated with any other company in the UAE and companies claiming that they are associated with us is far from the truth.

Currently working on:

The Atlantis Dubai
Dubai Mall (various)
Shop fittings Bahrain Qatar and Kuwait
Duty Free Stores
Villa Renovation The Palm
Villa Fit Out Polo Club X2
Office Fit Out Abu Dhabi X2 Dubai X1
Restaurant furniture
Furniture Downtown Dubai
Abu Dhabi airport

Please Note our antiquated website is currently being overhauled and will be online within the next week