Elastrix provides cloud computing applications and consulting services specifically for the AWS Cloud. We provide turn-key, battle ready cloud instances on public clouds, pre-configured so you can start developing, or hosting your site immediately without needing to worry about system administration. The Elastrix command line interface is A powerful DevOps focused command line interface designed for cloud web servers and applications.

All of our servers are fully configured for production and development environments with all the software and configurations needed out of the box, on the cloud.

We provide popular application stacks with all the vulnerability testing, security and performance tweaks you need to run effectively in the cloud. Let Elastrix be your DevOps team, we always provide the latest security updates and enhancements, performance improvements, and our own special tweaks that guarantee your apps will run fast, secure, and forever.

The AWS Marketplace allows you to get on the cloud immediately with our stacks. Just sign in to your AWS account, click, and you're up and running.