At Elcomponent we provide our customers with the tools they need to measure and improve their carbon and energy performance. We design and manufacture hardware such as meters and data loggers - both portable and fixed - and create our own much applauded software to work with those products.

Our policy is to supply our customers with complete solutions - when you buy a portable data logger from us you get everything you need in the box. Open it up and you're ready to go. Similarly when we install a metering system or aM&T package, we cover everything from design, through installation, to handover and training. We take care of all the details such as liaison with Meter Operators and Meter Asset Managers so you don't have to, ensuring that all your tariff meter connections are made off correctly, and on a timely basis. We employ our own installations teams too!

We've been in business since 1986, and in that time we've supplied over 5000 portable loggers and installed over 500 metering systems. We have been responsible for numerous innovations during that time, and we continue to innovate with new products such as our Realtime Display packages and our unique Data Transfer Module for our portable instruments.