Something is wrong in a society where elders struggle because family members are incapable of providing care. Far too many of our elders suffer from social isolation and Neglect

Unlike in many towns and counties in the United States, where seniors have institutions capable of meeting their daily needs, even for a short period, no such services exist in my hometown, Akokwa.

Legend Afro-American Partners, trading online as ‘Elders Helping Hands,’ offers older people in Akokwa the respect, the care and the dignity they have earned and deserve.  

Akokwa is a quiet, peaceful Village in Imo state, Nigeria. We have caring staffs ready and eager to lead the way in helping our forgotten seniors.   Many elders in Akokwa have already benefited from our program.  

Our team helps with lots of tasks, Including:
     Assisting with Bathroom trips
     Washing clothes, plates, and dishes
     Sweeping rooms
     Maintaining safe environment
     Providing companionship
     And much more

One of the elders we visited did not need help with chores at the moment but just needed company. The staff stayed with him as he shared his experiences and words of wisdom.  As they were about to leave, the senior wanted to know when they would come back.

Imagine how amazing it would be to see Elders in Akokwa, and immediate areas to hang out with their peers, putter in the garden, play board games, do a little light work, dance to their favorite music and always have someone to share their stories with!

Please join us on this lifetime journey and donate today.