e-Learning Carnival, a research and consulting company for workforce development with the focus on performance management & support, digital learning, and learning technologies.

We can save you time, effort, money and reduce your risks.

We are a network of experts who help businesses, education/training providers, not-for-profit organizations, and government departments. Our experts come from different walks of life like Professors, Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Designers, E-Learning Project Managers, Corporate & Government Trainers, Learning Technology Vendors, L&D Practitioners and Subject Matter Experts. For all of us, Learning is a passion as well as bread and butter.

We provide consulting/services in the following areas:

1. Learning Strategy & Design
2. Digital Learning Content
3. Learning Technologies
4. Learning Budget Management
5. Learning Impact Research
6. Marketing Internal L&D Initiatives
7. Vendor Search & Evaluation
8. Recruitment of L&D Staff

If you are looking for an opinion /consulting/ services around workforce development, please reply back. First three hours of consulting are free for new customers.