ElecFreaks is an open design house founded in March 2011. Our goal is to create rapid prototypes and give small batch manufacturing for makers and startups, even you just have an idea but don’t know how to start. With over 50% engineers and expanded offerings at the online retail store, ElecFreaks gives inspirations, tackle challenges and accelerate your ideas.

Emerged from Arduino and Rasperry, ElecFreaks now covers an ever growing catalogue including robots, 3D printer, sensors, VR kit, drone, wireless modules, equipments and electronics parts. We release new products each week. Here you can find the latest gadgets and over 500 modules and components. We also open codes, documentations and video tutorials for learning, sharing to inspire creativity and incubate great projects.

Growing into a company that occupies a 4,800+ sq ft of R&D office and is backed by 3 factories for production, ElecFreaks owns 50+ worldwide distributors and is recruiting international agents as always. Efficiency, cost effectiveness, one-stop purchase and comprehensive after-sales support are what we hope you to experience from ElecFreaks.

Look around and add to your cart whatever you like. Tell us what’s on your mind by submitting the project form. Whether you are a professional electronics engineer or an in-residence young maker, come and share your concept.