Electio is an international commodity brokerage focusing primarily on Technology Metals. Electio is the largest brokerage in its sector and the first company worldwide to offer a niche investment platform giving investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios into the Tech Metals Sector.

Electio has offices in Dubai, South Africa and Qatar. The company is on course to open its Singapore office later in 2014, extending its global footprint into Asia.

Electio Alternative Investments is the division of Electio Group serving Africa, whilst Electio Middle East serves the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.

Clients have the opportunity to physically own baskets of metals that are in high demand due to their applications in technology.

Electio's clients can trade their metals on a bespoke online portal. With our bespoke online exchange, we are uniquely positioned to connect buyers and sellers across all market jurisdictions. Real-time and online access to investment information enables our clients to make strategic and informed decisions with the added flexibility to buy and transfer tech metal holdings, an industry-first.

Metals are stored in a secure facility in Dubai, UAE under the custody of a regulated bank..