JM Test Systems electrical safety testing lab tests electrical rubber gloves. We clean and repair arc flash and PPE equipment. We also build and test electrical grounding assemblies and components. Other services include fiberglass testing on hotsticks and other hotline tools for utilities, lineman, and other applications.

JM Test Systems is a lead stocking distributor for gloves, hot sticks, tools, PPE, metering equipment, and more. We are NAIL accredited. Our electrical safety division is an authorized distributor for the top names in the safety industry such as Salisbury by Honeywell: Salisbury electrical rubber safety gloves, insulated rubber cover up, Hastings, Chance, Hubbell Power Systems and more.

We keep up with OSHA requirements so you don't have to! Our ACCREDITATION = HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Does JM Test Systems do a good job of supporting our customers? We still have our very first client from over 30 years ago. JM Test Systems is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of calibration and repair services to our customer.
       • Product Availability
       • Vendor Reliability
       • Knowledge and Experience
       • Easy to Work With
       • Highest Level of Quality - We are NAIL accredited. NAIL accreditation has become the industry seal of approval for quality assurance in testing laboratories.

JM Test Systems comes from a utility background and we provide extensive tool repair capabilities. Each certified repair technician is 100% trained to meet the ASTM 1910.269 testing standard on all hotline tools which require a dielectric test. All dielectric testing is performed in our repair centers utilizing a 100KVA Hi-pot tester. We will pick up and deliver to your door. We offer repair service on mechanical/manual, battery operated, and hydraulic tools. We provide quality repairs and quick turnaround times on all types of tools for all manufacturers. We are factory certified for tool repair by manufacturers such as:
       •  FCI Burndy
       •  Huskie Tools
       •  Greenlee / Textron
       •  Ingersoll-Rand
       •  Cembre
       •  Stanley Hydraulics
       •  Coffing Hoists,
       •  Little Mule
       •  Von Corporation
       •  Reliable Equipment
       • S&C Electric and others. We do repairs on all tools including hydraulic wrenches, hoists, cutters, crimpers, battery operated drills, and much more.

Need custom electrical grounds in a hurry? We make it easy!
       • Quick turnarounds are available for all stock items
       • Build to your exact specifications
       • From the cable to the clamp we have hundreds of products in stock
       • All grounds are tested by our NAIL Accredited laboratory prior to shipment

JM Test Systems will come to you! Our Electrical Safety Lab also has the capability to test onsite so that your equipment never has to leave your facility.  You will receive total documentation test reports on all equipment along with certified testing stamps. We can test electrical safety equipment onsite and take care of minor repairs and also clean equipment onsite. Off Hours Testing - We test while you sleep!

"The personal service I receive from your employees. Whether calling in with a question or an order, the service is fast and always exceptional. If something is needed and the employee doesn’t have an answer or needs to make a quote, the return service is fast." - Quality Control Inspector

For more information call JM Test Systems today 1 (800) 353-3411. JM Test Systems - A True Service Company.