Our Approach:
We design solutions that create new opportunities for customers allowing them to do things they never thought possible.
By listening to our customers and learning from them, we gain understanding and make insights that allow us to design transformational, market-leading solutions.
Our passion to innovate and surprise ensures our long-term competitive advantage, our production systems deliver the reliability our customers depend on and the partner relationships we have in each market support those customers to ensure their experience of the Gallagher brand is of the highest value.

Our Story :
When a horse took too much of a liking to using a car as a scratching post, owner Bill Gallagher Senior scratched his head for a solution. He decided to wire the car up to the mains. The horse soon got the message.
That was in the early 1930s. A few years later, Bill Gallagher Senior read about how the Americans were using electrified wire to hold cattle. He saw the value this might have for New Zealand’s farmers too. So in 1937 Bill built his first electric fence and a year later committed to building a great business – Gallagher.
In 1962, Bill Senior’s son Sir William started working on the Gallagher shop floor. Moving up through the ranks, he helped us grow from a company delivering a visionary alternative to conventional fencing into one renowned for technologically superior, highly intelligent and fully integrated animal management systems. Our products have won many awards starting in the '70s with the BEV Mains Energizer at the Orange Field Days in Australia.
Using our experience in power fence technology, Gallagher successfully entered the security business. Gallagher Security has developed innovative perimeter security systems which, along with the Cardax access control and intruder alarm systems, form the backbone of Gallagher's global security offering.
Today, Gallagher is still lead by Sir William and we still continue to win awards and accolades for innovative and transformational products across our businesses.