SGM Metals strives to offer a sound investment opportunity in a world saturated by fiat monies and derivative investment vehicles that offer little to no wealth preservation. SGM offers a hard money hedge to investors while educating them on sound economic principles and immutable laws of economics that are forcing their will upon our economy everyday as a consequence of decades of loose money policies. The Elemental Economist Blog is but one of many tools offered at www.sgmmetals.com to help the progression of investors' understanding of the current economic landscape as well as the possible trajectories that decisions made today may bring about, whether good or bad. It is through this policy of offering higher financial education to our clients that SGM is able to create a well versed class of investors who can navigate the ever changing global economy with confidence that can only come from one who has a hard money foundation armed with knowledge of economic principles that have stood the test of time and always force their will upon the people and their net worth.