elementC6, Inc. is committed to bringing sustainable, results-driven agricultural innovations to the commercial and consumer agricultural markets. By combining ancient methods with cutting-edge science, we are able to create grow media products that promote healthier, faster growing with higher yields and more disease-resistant plants that use less water and nutrients.

We do this through the most effective method of fertilization, which is to feed the soil, and let the soil feed the plants.

With CannaChar™, elementC6, Inc. has taken the knowledge and proven effectiveness of an ancient practice of using carbon to improve the fertility of soils. Over 2,000 years ago Brazilian Indians in the Amazon Basin discovered the great benefit of adding carbon into ground soil. They found that “Terra Preta” as they called it, not only made their soil fertile, but also dramatically enhanced the size and quality of their crops. Generations later, this region still retains some of the most productive soil in the world.

Through 2 years of testing, the knowledge of several PHDs in macriobiology, microbiology and more, combined with experienced cultivation specialists, we were able to engineer the most consistent, reliable, performance based soil amendment on the market today that can increase yields and lower costs.