Artist Statement

A woman is an infinite well of inspiration.

The mystery of a woman: her untamed passion, nurturing nature, her inner wisdom, grace, captivating curves of her body. Her unique enigmatic essence holds our gaze and thought, encouraging us to reflect upon our own emotions and set of mind.

“Although often depicted as a woman, she is none, and she is all of them…She is the mystery of the life-giving and life-taking rhythm of nature, the great void and well of endless possibilities. She is the high priestess of tarot, able to look behind the veil and sense hidden realities..” Anja Heij

The women depicted in Elena’s art work are more than just beautiful young bodies, they convey strong emotions: transcending the material world, getting lost in deep thoughts and the hidden realities, reaching a higher state of consciousness. The viewer attracted by the feminine forms is placed into the position of a silent witness, watching the surreal scene, feeling the emotions and thoughts stirring up in their mind.

Each detailed drawing is created on watercolour paper with Charcoal, one of the oldest tools of the masters. Charcoal gives a large tonal range to an experienced artist, but does not allow for mistakes. It is permanent but fragile. This tender medium makes each piece even more precious as those intimate moments transcend reality.