There are a lot of good people in Australia doing great things for our disadvantaged citizens and the environment. Problem is, they generally do this on shoestring budgets with minimal resources, largely because most Australians never hear about it. Generally, people are good at heart. So, if more Australians knew about the good-news stories, surely they would engage, contributing skills or finance. And if people working in this sector could share their stories with colleagues, maybe this would generate dialogue and lessons.

Launching in April this year, The Elephant Magazine will tell these stories.

I’m a guy with a background in media and social development, including work in child protection, in Nepal with AusAID, running a newspaper and later a media company in Australia. This year I'm stepping down from my CEO role with EzyMedia in order to launch a not-for-profit national magazine that publishes the stories and lessons of people working to improve our environment and the lives of disadvantaged Australians. This sector is also known as 'social enterprise'. The magazine will be called The Elephant Magazine and it will be written by our readers.

I hope to print at least 5000 copies this April and distribute to stakeholders across the country. I will then follow up with all recipients to ask if they wish to subscribe and/or book advertising in the July edition. So the funds I seek now are for the launch only, after which this magazine will be self-sustaining. I mentor publishers around the world, I do understand this process.

If you work in social enterprise and have a 300 - 700 word article with a good image that you would like considered for publication, please contact john@ezymedia.com (this will ultimately be a 'Submit Article' button on the new website).

A $12 pledge from you (which is only taken if we reach the $18,500) will get the magazine off the ground and get you a signed copy of the first edition. It also gets you a seat at a monthly training webinar on magazine publishing, which will target disadvantaged people around Australia who are interested in setting up their own local community newspaper. Even if you cannot manage the $12, you can also help by sharing this project's link with your networks - http://www.pozible.com/project/177800