ELE Tutoring offers tutoring services to students of all ages in Lubbock, Texas and surrounding areas. We believe that learning is a lifelong love that can be unlocked in every student with the proper guidance and encouragement. Building a relationship with our students is top priority.

Founded in 2010, ELE Tutoring started in Sherman, Texas.  Its founders, Michael and Kristen Holcomb, were attending Austin College in pursuit of undergraduate degrees.  They both graduated in May 2012.  Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts, double major Mathematics and Physics.  Kristen earned a Bachelor of Arts, major Biology, minor Psychology.  Michael plans to pursue a PhD in Physics at Texas Tech University.

ELE Tutoring relocated to Lubbock, Texas, in May 2012; its office opened for business in late June 2012.  We are proud to offer a 25% discount on our rates to students and students with parents involved in military, fire, police, and EMS services.