The ELEVEN26 jewelry line is designed and inspired by three elements: Bohemian, Vintage and Ethnic. Our jewelry reflects different fusions of various periods in history, cultural art and fashion as well as current trends. We love to focus on combinations of various bold colors, textures and prints.

Our jewelry comes from a wide array of designers from around the world. Our goal at ELEVEN26 is to offer you a unique mix of Bohemian, Vintage and Ethnic Inspired Jewelry that not only completes your outfit, but also accentuates who you are as a woman by giving you a truly independent and unique look. We carry jewelry for the most expressive personalities offering extraordinary and ever-rotating lines of pieces like bangles, bracelets, statement necklaces and more. These pieces are truly unique just like you all while satisfying your taste of wearable art.

All of our jewelry is distributed either as one-of-a-kind or in incredibly low numbers.