Eliseo Partners is a globally oriented investment banking, securities and investment firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutional and financial companies.
Eliseo Partners was formed with the vision to become a respected global brand for it cadetship, engagement and a motivated value proposition to clients. With the structural decline of a ever diversifying, almost whizzed financial system, Eliseo steadily capitalizes on opportunities arising therefrom. Firstly, Eliseo has been able to re-engage finance professionals and financial firms with their markets through a series of services in order to close the market gaps of which there are many. Particularly in execution on global exchanges and global custody & settlement. Thus, offering clients a great global trading desk for equities conjointly with other major financial instruments. Secondly, Eliseo identified the ever increasing need for small to mid cap public companies to attract capital and focused its debt & equity trading on investing in growth opportunities within this market.