Homony is a leading manufacturer of commercial audio equipment. Homony commercial audio systems represent the pinnacle of innovation, inspiring design and advanced technology.

Our product range includes Voice Alarm Systems, Audio Matrix Systems, All in one BGM & Public Address Systems, Management Amplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers, Pre Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Ceiling speakers and other commercial audio and public address products.
Our products have been developed to meet countless requirements and are suitable for small, medium as well as large venues including factories, schools, churches, apartments, banks, restaurants, office buildings, workshops, shopping malls, sports clubs, warehouses, meeting halls and boardrooms.
Our professional team of sound engineers, software engineers, industrial design engineers and simulation and application engineers work tirelessly in developing innovative audio equipment with exceptional sound quality and robust designs.
Our legacy of product development and innovation is reflected through our foray into new technologies and the number of industry firsts we’ve achieved.  The popularity of our commercial audio systems and PA audio systems has encouraged us to develop a wider range of products.

To help sustain the business growth and future expansion plans, we are currently soliciting requests for distributors to provide sales and distribution services for our product range in Australasia, Asia, South East Asia, Europe, Middle East and North & South America. Distributors with expertise in distribution, sales and management of commercial audio products including PA audio systems, amplifiers, speakers are invited to express their interest by visiting our distributor information page.