The EliteExchange Group is a leading Human Resource Management Group with core operations on linking outstanding individuals with top financial institutions in the globe. Leveraging proven track record in finance industry, the group has endeavored on providing sophisticated finance internship placement and advisory services to both students and corporates since inception, serving as a chief catalyst between them. In addition, the group offers a diverse range of sophisticated services in education, cross-board investment advices to business entities and High-Net-Worth Individuals in Asia.

Previously in 2005, EliteExchange was registered and operated as a not-for-profit organization with core focus on placing young students in leading finance corporations in the globe. However, surging needs for international Internship & Exchange practices far exceeded the supplement that EliteExchange could create, so the then management team began exploring new opportunity.

In the mid of 2007, the organization was repositioned and restructured by a team of seasoned veterans from business, technology, and education areas, including Venture Capitalists, Bankers, Consultants and MBA graduates from Stanford University and MIT, and some very dedicated industry gurus and professionals as independent advisors.

Nowadays, leveraging the first 4-year foundation, EliteExchange has partners all over the world and maintains close relationship with most leading global institutions, especially those with strong presence in finance and strategic consulting area. EliteExchange has a vision that firms in pan-Asia area typically use its service as part of their recruitment strategy and rely on EliteExchange to source top quality candidates.

The direct result is the group's exclusive partnership has opened door to its target group who are with dynamic overseas backgrounds and with strong motivation to dive in finance industry.