Elite Investment Group is an investment management company specializing in the creation and management of versatile finance and property investment portfolios designed for today’s discerning investor. The group is made up of four separate business units, Elite Asset Management, Elite Global Property, Elite Mortgage Brokers and Elite Risk Management, all of which have been strategically designed to leverage and take advantage of our client and business partner network. Collectively the group and its employees have committed over US$300 million in investments in just fewer than five years.

Our firm has positioned itself within the financial services industry to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated China community. As the international community in China has grown more stable and established, it is even more important and necessary that each of our divisions offer the most up to date and innovative product range the market has to offer. We have heard our clients' and colleagues' demands for international levels of service and a wider range of choices of financial products. We responded by bringing financial-center performance standards to China, and the response has been overwhelming. Elite Investment Group is breaking records for both the number of clients helped and transactions facilitated within the financial services industry.

One of the keys to our success has been our ability to forge strong partnerships with some of the world's most prestigious and respected financial institutions. We feel confident that these institutions will continue to provide us with the utmost support in order to effectively deliver the superior wealth management services already in place.

If you are currently seeking a financial advisor here in Shanghai to help carry out your financial goals, Elite Investment Group is more than qualified to handle your portfolio regardless of how extensive it may be. Living thousands of miles away from home can be quite overwhelming, and quite often our clients find it extremely difficult to deal with their advisor's back home whilst living abroad. With the markets as volatile as they are, you deserve a qualified professional who is able to construct and review your portfolio face to face as often as you require. Today more clients are turning to Elite Investment Group because they prefer to have a dedicated financial advisor right here in China rather than in their home country. Our team of highly trained advisors work closely with each client to help point them in the right direction and will spend as much time as they need reviewing their financial situation before deciding which investments are most appropriate.

EIG operates using a team based approach giving each financial advisor the full support of our Portfolio Research & Analysis Committee (PRAC), a Client Service Manager (CSM), and an in house administrative team. This way, you are never left in the dark just because your financial advisor is either away on holiday, sick or no longer with the company. During your financial review meeting, you will be introduced to each member of your advisory team who are responsible for handling specific issues throughout your relationship with EIG. Each member of the team has a specific area of focus that they will assist you with, therefore giving you well rounded advice regardless of the issues that may arise.

Corporate values such as trust, innovation and dedication make up who we are and each week our employees are reminded of the core values that have helped us grow to where we are today. The wealth management process can be a quite complex one, and we can guarantee that you will be taken through this process at a pace that you are comfortable with. It is against company policy to recommend products on the first meeting and our consultants are strictly reminded of how important it is to conduct a financial analysis before providing a comprehensive solution.

China's financial system operates in an unregulated market and as an investor you do not have the same protection that you normally would back home. Due to the lack of regulatory authority, EIG has taken the necessary steps to self regulate the organization by making it mandatory that each of our consultants are qualified either with the “Award In Financial Planning” license or an equivalent license before offering financial advice to our clients. We believe that your finances are far too important to be left with an advisor who is unqualified or incompetent to deliver the same level of service and financial advice that you would expect in your home country. After all, we do pride ourselves with having one of the most qualified financial teams in China and can justify every recommendation we give.