Elite PC employs technologies such as Server and Workstation Virtualization, On and Off-Site backup, 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems and hardware, including printers, routers, switches, and more. Elite PC’s backbone is the SSC (Security Surveillance Center) where all the magic happens. Elite PC tech’s can monitor your hardware and diagnose, fix, or repair a possible hardware failure before it occurs. Such a hardware failure in the case of a hard drive can cost companies in upwards of millions to recover lost data depending on the significance of the data and how much data was lost. Real-time preventative maintenance and monitoring from the SSC can provide you peace of mind and protection from a catastrophic data failure for a few dollars a day.

Elite PC also offers service contracts, computer repair, new computers, custom built computers, networking, wireless networking, long range wifi (up to 8 mi) for point to point networking between multiple offices, remote management, remote support, help desk, knowledge base, and more.

Elite PC is a Joomla Web Designer specializing in Joomla CMS (Content Management System) and Search Engine Optimization. Let us go to work for your web presence merging Joomla, SEO, Social Media Marketing (Such as Facebook and Youtube), to make your company’s web presence viral. You’ll receive weekly status updates via email on the Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.