Elite Safety Technology provides hundreds of personal safety and high-tech surveillance products directly to the consumer through our two web sites.  We offer safety solutions to those who recognize the need as well as the "it will never happen to me" crowd.

On our elitesafetyonline.com web site, you will see many non-lethal products including stun guns in many sizes and shapes (some even look like cell phones), mace or pepper sprays with either fogging or streaming dispensing (including animal repellants -- even for bears).  In addition, you will find batons and self-defense hardware as well as self-defense DVDs from experts in the self defense field.

Our elitesurveillanceonline.com web site presents the many high-tech solutions to your surveillance needs.  We offer hidden cameras in dozens of "disguises" such as clock radios, thermostats, pens, motion detectors and many more.  Also, you will see various cameras that are visible to customers/visitors if that is what is preferred.  Many of these cameras are either wireless or hard-wired to suit the particular need and offer digital recording of what is seen by the cameras.  Should the need or desire to observe what is happening at a particular site (home or business), we offer the ability for one to see exactly what is happening via the internet so all one needs is high-speed access to the internet any where in the world and they will be totally aware of activity at the site covered by the cameras.

We, at Elite Safety Technology, strive to educate our prospects and customers about  both the ever-present dangers and the very viable solution to those dangers through our products, newsletters and email communications to make our world a safer place.